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Columbia Valley Skating Club (CVSC)

Policy and Procedures 2020-2021



Each participant is responsible to ensure they have read the Columbia Valley Skating Club Policy and Procedures and will abide by the at all times. 


By registering, participants agree that they have read, acknowledge and consent to abide by the CVSC Policies and procedures and Code of Ethics as posted on the Skate Canada website. CVSC board members, coaches, and volunteers are not responsible for accidents, injuries or loss of personal belongings either on or off the ice. CVSC is not responsible for cancellation of classes due to unavailable ice, and does not provide refunds, but will make every effort to reschedule, if at all possible. Any notices including changes in ice time will be posted on the website, and/or emailed to the parent. We reserve the right to cancel sessions with low registrations. All skaters must be dropped off at the main arena doors, fully dressed for the ice, with only skates to put on. Our designated parent volunteer will tie skaters' skates and lead them to the ice. Drop off time is 10 minutes or less before the skater's class begins. ABSOLUTELY NO EARLY DROP OFFS. Skaters must be picked up on time at the arena doors by the vending machines. Please maintain social distancing while you wait for your child outside of the entrance.


Liability waiver and release: It is understood and agreed, as a condition of participation in skating programs offered by the Columbia Valley Skating Club and Skate Canada, that neither the club nor Skate Canada shall be liable for any injury, loss or damage suffered by a member while travelling to or from or while participating in skating practice, competitions or other activities. The member, or his/her parent/legal guardian who has read the policy, shall indemnify the club and Skate Canada and hold them harmless from any claims, demands or actions arising from or in respect of such injury loss or damage. 


Schedule and programs subject to change or cancellation. 



If you wish to skate, make sure that you follow the below recommendations:



Make sure that your city or region and Provincial Sport Organization allows skating based on the government health authorities’ criteria for the progressive lifting of confinement measures and that your municipality permits the use of a skating rink and/or the approved operation of a private facility.


Do not skate if you:


Make sure there is availability on your desired session. Numbers will be limited to the following:

As of September 1, 2020- numbers during phase one will be limited to the following: no more than 18 people, including coaches, allowed on or near the ice at any one time.

As of September1,2020- in accordance with SkateCanada regulations, there MUST be 1 Skate Canada certified coach or choreographer included in your group of 18. As well, please keep in mind that all physical distancing restrictions apply to Pairs, Dance and Synchronized skaters.

All session registration and payments must be online. No bookings or payments in person at the facility. Drop in/buy on participation is not allowed.

In person assessment (test) days and simulations with officials should not be happening at this time.



Arrive no earlier than your scheduled time to enter the building. Arrival time will be approximately 10 minutes before your scheduled session.

Off Ice Warm Up can only be done outside or in indicated areas where allowed and skaters must keep a 2 metre distance with other skaters and coaches.

Dressing rooms may be closed as this may differ from facility to facility. Skaters and coaches should be prepared to come dressed to skate with only the skates to be put on.

If dressing rooms are not available, benches or chairs may be provided for skaters and coaches to put their skates on near the ice. Markings on the ground will show where skaters and coaches can sit so they are spaced out 2 metres apart. This process to be discussed between the facility and the club.


To protect yourself against infections:



Avoid all physical contact, for example shaking hands, high fiving or hugging, with other skaters and coaches.

Avoid touching your face during your skating session. Should you need to touch your face you must use hand sanitizer immediately after touching your face.

Make spatial awareness a priority. Try to keep a 2 metres distance from other skaters and coaches while on the ice at all times.

Do not touch any equipment, including music playing equipment. One designated person will operate all equipment for all skaters.

Pairs & Dance skaters who do not live together, must not touch each other and stay 2 metres apart at all times while on and off the ice.

Synchronized skaters must not touch each other and stay 2 metres apart at all times while on and off the ice.



Wash your hands carefully with hot water and disinfectant soap or with hand sanitizer.


Leave the arena immediately (within approximately 10 minutes) after you finish skating.



If symptoms consistent with COVID 19 should appear while skaters are on the ice our coaching staff will put on gloves and a mask and escort the affected skater off the ice and to the approved waiting area for pick up. The current first aid room will be used as the “isolation room” until the skaters approved parent/guardian can be reached by phone. The parent/guardian will be instructed to meet the affected skater at the exit doors of the arena and the chosen coaching representative will escort the affected person out of the building with their belongings. The coach will then exit the arena and use the daily contact list to inform all families of the potential exposure. That coach will be required to get tested 48 hours after exposure and only when the COVID 19 test is returned negative will they be allowed to return to their coaching duties. Should the test return positive all skaters who have been in contact with the affected individuals will be contacted so that they can begin the process of isolation or testing.


Our assigned contact officer for the Columbia Valley skating club will be Marni Wilson 250-409-4208. If she is unable to fulfill the duties as a result of illness Leanne Beddie 250-688-0093 will be the backup representative. As Skate Canada rules evolve Leanne Beddie will be in contact with the RDEK staff of the changing rules. At this time CVSC has not appointed the parent representatives that will be in the lobby to tie skates. Once the person has been selected we will alert the RDEK staff.




All skaters must be current members of Skate Canada and be covered under the Eddie Mountain Memorial Area Insurance. These fees are paid, per skater, once per skating “year”, which runs from Sept 1 to Aug 31 of the following year. The Skate Canada fee of $43.65 is non-refundable. All fees are non-transferrable and are payable upon registration. 


Please note: The Child Fitness Tax receipt can be printed off the Uplifter registration site which is linked to the CVSC website. 


Prorating for late entry/Refunds - Please keep in mind that there are no refunds or cancellations after the first day of skating, except for medical reasons, which will be considered on a case by case basis. Approved refunds will be subject to a 3% fee of the total amount. Insurance/arena fees are non-refundable. Changes to existing registrations (switches from one program to another) may be made until the end of the 3rd week of the session, as approved by the registrar. After that, sessions may be added at a prorated price, but no cancellation or transfers will be allowed. Prorating for late entry will not commence until the 5th week of the program session and a late fee of $25 will apply. 



Payment is due in full at time of registration. We no longer accept cash payments for program registration. All payments will be made through Uplifter via credit card . For all Jumpstart applicants, the (Jumpstart) number provided must be entered on the Uplifter website at the time of online registration.

CVSC Junior-STARSkate and STARSkaters -  The online registration system provides an Instalment Payment program, above a certain purchase price, for those who wish to pay over the course of the season with credit card instalments.

A $20.00 service charge will be applied to all, non-authorized credit card payments and declined credit card instalment payments.

In the case of outstanding balances (fees owed to the club), skating privileges will be suspended until paid.


Helmets: On July 1, 2011 Skate Canada implemented a helmet use policy. In order to participate in the Canskate Program, all skaters who have not achieved Stage 5 in the CanSkate program or who lack good balance and control must wear a CSA approved hockey helmet while on the ice. Skaters will not be permitted on the ice if they do not have an CSA approved hockey helmet.

Full hockey gear and a hockey stick is mandatory for power skating. 



Personal information

The Columbia Valley Skating Club is committed to protecting the privacy of any personal information provided by our board members and coaches. The Columbia Valley Skating Club does not sell, rent or exchange any of the personal information collected on this website, through email, or at the club office with any third party except as described herein or as you may otherwise consent.

All information collected is confidential, and will be used solely for administration purposes, such as to make arrangements with service providers and suppliers, arrange instruction, and to manage memberships, purchases and registrations.

Information collected will also be used to register skaters with Skate Canada, our governing body.

Columbia Valley Skating Club does not store any credit card number and security information (CVV numbers) online on the website.



Columbia Valley Skating Club uses emails to communicate with members regarding registration updates, and reminders. You are given the option to opt in or out of email communication when you set up your member account. If you wish to remove yourself from any type of email communication, please contact our club office via email However, email is our main form of communication, please check our website or Facebook page to stay current with upcoming reminders.

Please ask to join our Facebook page to stay current with all upcoming events and reminders.


Media Release

The Columbia Valley Skating Club will, on occasion, publish photographs and/or interviews with skaters on our website, social media vehicles, in media releases, on public television, or in newspapers. Photos and names will not be used for commercial gain.



Meetings dates will be sent out after each meeting via email.



If any club member or coach has a complaint about any other club member, existing policy or coach and it cannot be resolved through direct communication, it must be put into written form and submitted to the elected board members only. At this point, any parties involved in the conflict will be asked to meet, together with a selected board member(s). The board will investigate the complaint, and consult with other board members if necessary, and notify the parties involved the outcome of that investigation.

Violations of this code of conduct will be subject to a review by the elected board members and will be handled in the following manner:

1st Offense:

A written warning will be issued to the offender requesting the behavior to stop. A copy of this warning will be filed with board documents.

2nd Offense:

The offender/offender's skater(s) will be suspended from all CVSC activities and ice time, including competitions, for a period of one week. The start and stop date of this suspension will be determined by the board in a timely manner. No refund of any moneys paid by the offender/offender's skater(s) will be issued for expenses incurred during time of suspension.

3rd Offense:

The offender/offender's skater(s) will be dismissed from the club. No refund of any moneys paid by the offender/offender's skater(s) will be issued.




PRESIDENT - Shall supervise the Club's affairs and activities, and preside at all meetings. He/she shall make an annual report and shall be Club counselor under the constitution of Skate Canada. Prospective Presidential candidates must have minimum one-year prior experience on the Columbia Valley Skating Club Board.

PAST PRESIDENT - To mentor President and Board, advise the Executive on past procedures, provide information to help the CVSC maintain quality and continuity. Shall be a member of the Executive for the one-year term immediately following the term of President; assume role of ‘Acting President’ in the event of President’s absence and work on committees as help is needed.

VICE PRESIDENT - Shall preside at meetings and assume the duties of the President in the absence of the President and/or Past-President and shall carry out any other duties assigned by the President. Shall work on committees as help is needed.

SECRETARY - Shall keep an accurate and current record of all meetings and shall keep a record of the names and addresses of all voting and non-voting members. Shall keep and provide record of all minutes at each meeting for review if needed.

TREASURER - Shall be responsible for and have custody of all monies and grant discharge of same. The Treasurer shall prepare a report of receipts and disbursements for each Board meeting and a budget-to-actual income and expenses comparison report for each Board meeting. The Treasurer shall prepare a statement of receipts and disbursements and a balance sheet for the Annual General Meeting. Will assist in preparing accurate pricing for programs, prepare budgets, etc.. Shall assist in preparing Gaming application, preparing Gaming Summary Reports, and other grant applications. REGISTRAR - Shall look after registration and the collection of all fees at each session after which he/she will turn over to the Treasurer (can include buy-on fees). Create and maintain an updated contact list of membership. Assist in coordinating advertising to coincide with programming.

MEDIA AND PUBLICITY CHAIR – Promote all skating programs, ensure advertising is in the newspaper/schools prior to registration and work with the President for any other advertising needs.

PARENT VOLUNTEER CHAIR – Ensure all Volunteer deposits/fees have been received by all Junior-Star and Star skater registrants, coordinate all parent/family volunteers for fundraising events if needed, keep track of volunteer hours, and notify the Treasurer once the minimum number of hours have been completed.


Club Code of Ethics Policy – Follow the link to the Skate Canada website https://

Professional Coaches’ Code of Ethics – Follow the link to the Skate Canada website https://

Parent Code of Conduct - – Follow the link to the Skate Canada website https://